Leverage Automation in Underwriting to Reduce Costs & Speed-Up Response Times

Join leaders from AXA, Beazley, Swiss Re and Zurich Insurance as they share practical insights on how to avoid intellectual waste by exploiting automation.


Find out how automation is reducing manual workload for underwriters, streamlining operations, and elevating the broker experience.

Avoid intellectual waste

Exploit automation to reduce the time skilled underwriters spend on repetitive tasks and redirect labour to adding real value—developing the client relationship

Streamline communications

Integrate robotic process automation, machine learning, language processing, optical character recognition and analytics to triage submissions from multiple sources, detect and remove duplications, reduce human error and ultimately reduce processing time

Identify automation opportunities

Pinpoint the opportunity automation creates to reduce costs in terms of new hires and efficiency savings

Elevate the broker experience

Explore how automation can be used to elevate the broker experience, drive efficient operations, and dramatically speed up response times

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Intelligent Insurers

Featuring insights from

  • Tim Yorke, Chief Operating Officer, AXA Commercial, AXA
  • Bradley O’Connor, Head of Operations Technology Platforms, Beazley
  • Dr. Michael Zimmer, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Zurich Group Germany
  • Claudio Morando, Head Portfolio Analytics & Strategy EMEA, Swiss Re
  • Moderator: Ed Challis, CEO, Re:infer

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