Insight and automation: Tackling Insurance's reliance on email

In this on-demand tour, you’ll learn how leading insurers are eliminating inefficient requests and automating transactional email work with Conversational Data Intelligence.

Re:infer Conversational Data Intelligence Product Tour

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Take a tour of the Re:infer Conversational Data Intelligence platform

Learn what Conversational Data Intelligence is, how it works, and why leading insurers are using it to drive digital transformation.

See how Re:infer can help you turn every message into actionable data, increase operational scalability and drive continuous improvement.


Understand how Re:infer brings transparency to your conversational data.


Discover how to identify high volume processes, patterns, requests and opportunities for automation.


See an Insurance use case in action through a recorded demo.

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Learn how the enterprise is unlocking the power of conversational data.


Conversational Data Intelligence

Re:infer unlocks the power of conversational data. We give organisations a new capability to efficiently embed conversational intelligence into their processes, products and services. Making the business more scalable and customer centric.

Trusted by teams around the globe to help deliver digital transformation

“The enterprise is built on communications. It should be no surprise that, to digitally transform, NLP is not just a nice-to-have, it is a must-have, which is why our partnership with Re:infer is so important to us and our clients.

Re:infer's deep learning platform allows us to unpick customer intents and unlock understanding in unstructured processes across the business.”


Wayne Butterfield
Global Head of Intelligent Automation Solutions

"We completely shifted our collective mind set on what productivity looks like. People used to think it was defined by how many tasks they completed in a day.

Now, they see it as how much value they add in a day."


Sarah Leach
Head of Broker Operations, Hiscox

"To remain competitive, insurers should accelerate underwriting transformation. They can do this by automating routine tasks and augmenting teams with emerging technologies and alternative data sources to empower underwriting professionals to become "exponential" - more valuable than ever."

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How the Re:infer Conversational Data Intelligence Platform works


1. Connect Re:infer to your conversational channels

Connect existing conversational channels, including email, chat, phone calls, tickets, and CRM. Integrate the structured data into downstream applications with Re:infer’s pre-built integrations across all common conversational, workflow and automation systems.

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2. Train ML models with AI guidance

Re:infer learns from your organisation’s expertise and data. The zero-code interface empowers business users to teach Re:infer the specifics of your business. Re:infer becomes completely tailored to you, and improves constantly in real time.


3. Discover repetitive processes and requests

Re:infer understands human language, reading every message and mining conversational data to identify and extract high volume processes, patterns and requests. Re:infer works quickly and at scale, delivering value in hours, not months.


4. Automate and trigger actions in real time

Using pre-built connectors to automation and workflow tools Re:infer can trigger automated actions such as routing, triage, alerts, case creation, and transactional responses.

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